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Architectural, Product and Commercial Photography

Time in Design is an affiliate of Classic Impression photography and design studio, located in historical downtown Augusta, Georgia with a custom in-house lighted studio.

Classic Impression provides a wide range of high resolution digital photography for all your professional photography needs to get the job done right the first time.

Our images can be custom supplied to meet any specification needed whether web or print, Classic Impression can give you the exact image you are looking for at the exact size. With Classic Impression our expertise in color management and high quality reproduction comes with every job.

Classic Impression aims to produce product photography that is both informative and eye-catching for brochures, display stands and web use.

Classic Impression can provide high quality prints of images to a
specific order.

Our aim at Classic Impression is to capture your photo(s) just how you want it, and we can work closely with your web and print designers if required.

We can provide all your images through different media formats i.e.(CD, DVD,, FTP, Photo Galleries) or by downloading directly to your website, (As long as correct information is supplied or if the images are at reasonable size(s).

When can you take my photos?

We can sometimes fit in work at only a few days notice, especially for smaller items. Our aim is to accommodate your requirements and provide commercial product photography that fits in with your plans.

Image detail and texture

An important part of getting the image you want is conveying the subtlety of texture and materials. Careful attention to lighting and the technical aspects of product photography provide the source images you are looking for.

Our other Photographic Services

Event and Public Relations photography

Classic Impression photography services are also available where we
supply high quality images for publicity and promotional purposes. Our aim
is to capture the atmosphere and convey much more than just a record of
who was there.

Interior Photography

Interior photography for designers, architects and housing developers.

Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography -- Photographs that show detailed aspects of industrial equipment, for displays, trade stands, brochures and web use.

Landscape Photography

We provide commercial landscape photography for brochures, events and exhibitions.

Film and print scanning

We also provide a film/print scanning service for special projects where that extra bit of quality counts!

Image restoration and retouching

Not that you would ever ask... but we are quite happy to remove the odd blemish, drop a few pounds and generally improve images for clients. We always aim to provide the images that you want...

Old photos can often be repaired/enhanced we can provide copies and enlargements