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Whether you are selling your products or selling your
business, you need a brochure!

Brochures/Fliers- What better way is there to make a positive and long-lasting first impression than with a high quality, full color brochure? A well thought out and great looking brochure as part of a promotional campaign is a great way to introduce your company, new products, menus, product sheets, newspaper inserts or services to the public. Brochures are informational pieces that are a single sheet printed on one or both sides with no fold, folded in half, thirds or a custom fold. We find a sales brochure to be vital in your success in achieving product sales investments or funding. While a business plan is necessary, most lenders and investors are bombarded with projects and lengthy business plans. Hence, due to time constraints, they don't read them. They speak with someone briefly on the phone and perhaps read the executive summary. Most of the time, this is very dry information. The sales brochure we produce, either in print, electronic media or both, is specifically designed to capture the attention of your prospect. Everyone is preoccupied and you must have something to break that preoccupation. Time in Design can create your brochure to do just that...get their attention.  By doing so, your project comes to the top of the stack that may already be on their desk.

Key Benefits

dot Gets the customer's attention
dot Brings your project to the top
dot Prompts the prospect to investigate your project or products
      and services further